An Era of Sustainability


The evolution of Sustainability, businesses fastest growing megatrend, will significantly impact today’s companies. With that in mind, KOHLERT Manufacturing takes steps toward implementing and improving sustainable business practices.  We have been able to improve our sustainability practices by focusing on three major groups: people, planet, and profit.


On this topic, we consider our impact and relations internally with our staff as well as our clients and our community. We do our best to provide the safest and cleanest work environment by utilizing machinery that controls heat output and metallic shop dust. We also support local charities such as Tri-City Family Services and national charities such as the American Cancer Society and the Special Olympics Foundation.


On this topic, we consider energy & water conservation as well as materials and waste reduction.

  • We are one of the first manufacturing companies in Illinois to implement solar technology. 
  • Machinery we purchase feature energy-saving power consumption models with reduced energy consumption up to 20% less than previous models.
  • Our building reduces lighting needs through the installation of skylights; we conserve energy with high-efficiency lighting and HVAC systems.
  • We have updated our building with new plumbing systems to conserve water.
  • Our materials are mainly sourced from US and Canadian companies cutting down on fuel consumption use to reach our destination.


On this topic, the core of sustainability means making enough profit to stay in business. Utilizing sustainable business practices saves money and it just makes sense. We are continually learning how to track savings that come from utilizing energy efficient practices and systems while reducing costs related to waste.

At Kohlert Manufacturing, we understand that sustainability is a process and mind set more than a destination. We promise to steer clear of greenwashing and welcome all comments and suggestions that will help us achieve greener goals.

Seeing what doesn’t exist yet.
That’s our strength.