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Our history, values and philosophy

Established in 1995, Kohlert Manufacturing Corporation has proudly led the manufacturing industry for over 25 years. We’ve evolved with the times, investing in cutting-edge technology and top talent to ensure consistent excellence in our products and services

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Services & Products We Offer

Precision CNC Turning Services

  • Customized solutions for simple to complex geometries
  • Consistent quality in large-scale production runs
  • Tight tolerances and fine surface finishes

Precision CNC Milling Services

  • High-speed machining capabilities for efficiency
  • Versatile machining of various materials including metals and plastics
  • Expertise in CAD/CAM programming for precise machining


  • Create digital models or CAD files from physical objects for replication or modification.
  • Facilitate product documentation and replication for legacy or obsolete parts.


  • Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) for precise and intricate part machining.
  • Capable of cutting complex shapes and features with high accuracy.
  • Offers fine-tolerance machining with minimal material distortion.


  • Skilled welding services for joining metal components
  • TIG, MIG, and Spot welding techniques available
  • Welding of various metals including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel

Custom Repair Services

  • Expertise in repairing worn-out parts to extend their lifespan and functionality.
  • Utilize various repair techniques such as welding, machining, and surface treatments.
  • Restore parts to original specifications or upgrade them for improved performance.

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